Utter Apparel - Clothes that silently speak

Utter Apparel is a family owned business operated full-time by husband & wife team, Andrew & Samantha.

Every t-shirt is printed by Samantha or Andrew. As we print each t-shirt as it is ordered, it allows you to vary the design. If you would like a variation just send us a message.

Plus by printing everything ourselves, we are able to keep control of the complete printing process - check out the slide show to see the printing process in action.


To provide you with quality t-shirts and garments, printed with designs that you will love, and with friendly and professional service at all times.

Our prices may not be the lowest on Etsy, but then we do not use automated printing equipment that allows items to be produced en masse.

Each of our items are reasonably priced to reflect the work that goes into making them and to make a profit to help grow our family business.


To ensure you do not miss any of our future designs, please take a few seconds to favourite the Utter Apparel shop and browse through our various shop sections.

When you receive your printed garment from Utter Apparel you can wear it knowing that either Andrew or Samantha printed it especially for you from their home studio in the North of Ireland.

Thanks for reading all about us & Utter Apparel!

Andrew & Samantha

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